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Holly Shaw Holly Shaw

Big up u an all your crew. Peace out :)

Biffa, 05 May 2010 12:53

Dear Alex, I am a mother and saw your show this morning. I am proud of the work. Please keep it up. Will try to go to the event at Ministry of Sound, but if I cannot, please ensure that I am kept up t...

Jazza, 23 March 2010 13:30

i just watche your show alex its said but yet expiring i hold a big respect for wat u doing my friend you are doing a great job

tristan, 23 March 2010 06:35

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Holly Shaw

The Gift of Life

Holly Shaw

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I'm heartbroken to announce that Jessica Wales, who featured in my Battlefront Programme, died peacefully on Tuesday 12th Jan, with her family by her side.

She was just 20 years old and had received her double lung transplant a couple of weeks earlier. Unfortunately, the wait had been too long and her body wasn't strong enough to cope. She had been awake following the operation and was aware that she had her transplant; she got her dream that she had been waiting for 4 ½ years but sadly, she will not be able to live it through due to major post transplant complications.

Her death won't be in vain. During her time waiting, Jess inspired thousands of people up and down the country through her campaigning, incredible attitude and passion for life.   She touched everyone's lives that she came into contact with.

We became close during and after the filming of Battlefront and I will always treasure the memories I have of her. I am so proud to be able to call Jess my friend.  We had made plans together for when she got her call, the things we would do...

Jess' wait was just too long and I intend to make her proud by continuing my work with the Battlefront campaign and the charity Live Life Then Give Life. We were both advocates of the charity, trying to change the world of Organ Donation, so 3 people a day don't needlessly die like Jess.

Of course my thoughts are with her family and everyone who knew her at this sad time.

"The stars that shine the brightest burn the fastest".

Rest in peace beautiful lady...  you can breathe easy now. Thinking of you every day & Love you always, Holly x

PS – I promise to be less of a kidney person now Jess x

My campaign

My campaign will raise awareness of organ donation and encourage more people to think, talk and do something about it. By educating people, and clearing up common misconceptions about Organ Donation, I hope to get more people to sign up to the Organ Donor Register and potentially save and transform the lives of others like myself.

In 2005 I went on the kidney transplant waiting list after a sudden illness caused kidney failure. I was kept alive by a dialysis machine which I was attached to 3 times each week, and was put on the waiting list for a kidney transplant. For many others on the waiting list dialysis isn’t an option – for them an organ transplant is a matter of life and death. Waiting was tough! However I have been lucky and recently received my gift of life, but for others this is not always the case as there is still a major shortage of Organ Donors in the UK.

I am determined to keep campaigning and fighting for the people still waiting on the transplant list.

My Campaign highlights

- Getting words of support from Gordon Brown on the number 10 website, here:
- My campaign being the second most retweeted tweet in the world on April 7th!
- Putting on my Donor Day and getting thousands of sign-ups to the NHS Organ Donor Register
- Working with Oli Barrett and Amy MacClaren – my inspirational mentors!
- Appearing on GMTV

How can you help?

- Get in touch if you are affected by Organ Donation and Transplantation and want to join the campaign
- Sign up to the organ donor register by clicking on the image below
- Watch the video I've made that shows the big difference organ donation can make in someone's life by clicking here

Join the Organ Donor Registry


Big up u an all your crew. Peace out :)

Biffa, 05 May 2010 12:53

Dear Alex, I am a mother and saw your show this morning. I am proud of the work. Please keep it up. Will try to go to the event at Ministry of Sound, but if I cannot, please ensure that I am kept up to date with ways to stop this disease burning a hole in our communities. God Bless

Jazza, 23 March 2010 13:30

i just watche your show alex its said but yet expiring i hold a big respect for wat u doing my friend you are doing a great job

tristan, 23 March 2010 06:35

I've just watched the programme Alexander, and your enthusiasm is contagious. It's sad but inspiring that this is the legacy your friends death has left you with. This is all it takes, for just ONE person to stand up and be counted as the saying goes, "All that is necessary for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing,change will only take place when each of us take up the daily struggle ourselves" I wish you every success with your exceptionally important campaign. I'm going to try and find where I can buy one or two of your T-shirts. All the best Deb

Debbie Rowley, 23 March 2010 06:19

good things you are doing keep it up just seen you on tv an rasta say put down de gun thing me say and stop tek life its time to live as one so we can all unity respect one love

DEAN A K A SOULJAH D, 23 March 2010 06:12

dear holly im glad your doing well and you can know eat cheese luv bob

bob, 24 October 2009 02:00

watched the programe earlier. congratulations. your doin such a wonderfull job. your raising soo much awareness for such a worthwile cause. although many people dont like to think about death organ donation is such a lifesaving gift. the last one you''ll ever get to give. i've always thought that everyone should be on the register especially anyone who has children to set the of luck missus, your doin fab. xxx catherine, Derry.N.I

catherine maguire, 22 October 2009 21:21

Hi Holly i watched the program earlier. I would just like to say congrats and well done also look after you kidney i know whats its like for your donated kidney to fail and have to go back on dialysis. so good luck for the future

Theo Storey, 22 October 2009 15:34

Let me help somehow!I had a transplant when I was 15, I did some fundraisintg afterwards but nothing since. I am now 20 and want to do more to ensure people also get there second chance at life. Thankyou for being so inspiring and I would love to be part of your team efforts xx

Jess Stafford, 22 October 2009 11:05

Just seen the programme on C4 and have already joined the organ donor register. It's something I've always wanted to do but like many things never got round to doing it until today!

Manisha, 22 October 2009 10:19

Also watching C4 programme, it's amazing what you're doing, and what you have achieved already. Keep it up! xx

Cali, 22 October 2009 09:56

Currently watching your C4 programme - I carry a boots card with the donor sign on it but have now signed the register and will encourage all my friends to do the same. Well done on the campaign.

Karen, 22 October 2009 09:53

I think this campaign is brilliant. I had a kidney transplant 4 years ago and I know what its like to be on dialysis and to have phone calls telling you there is a kidney for you only to get there and be told its no good. I actually had one of my mum's kidneys in the end and have been doing really well but I know I'm one of the lucky ones! Well Done Holly and I hope you are doing well!! xxx

Charlotte Parsley, 22 October 2009 09:53

Hi Holly, I'm watching this at the moment and think the main problem is people not really thinking about organ donation. I think that you should have to sign a register if you DONT want to donate, otherwise it's compulsory! Contraversial I know!

David, 22 October 2009 09:47

I think that this campaign is fantastic, I am 30 and joined the register when I was 21 due to very ill health. Keep up the good work.

Naomi Guest, 22 October 2009 09:38

Yes Alexander, i watched you again today on t4 and you inspire me, keep doing what you are doing we are all behind you, i would like to purchase 4 t-shirts, i tried ebay but there are no items available. Pls let me know where else to get them from...Peace+love

Maxime, 19 October 2009 23:17

Hi i'm from Trinidad west indies and work with one of the largest oil and gas companies based here in the UK as an advisor. I am currently on vacation here in the UK and saw the Battlefront programme on channel 4 today. I strongly belive its a fantastic and very challenging programme that you all have embarked upon. If possible i would like to meet with the founder or group of indivuals of the battlefront campaign with a view of inviting him to initiate a simular campaign in trinidad target group being students at the respective colleges, universities and high school to share his views and lessons learnts from your campaign here in the UK.My name is brinsley Harry and i am currently staying at the SOFITEL LONDON GATWICK HOTEL until the 29th 0ctober.

brinsley harry, 19 October 2009 19:36

in a sixth form we had an assembly on blood donation and we got a form to fill in, agreeing to become a blood donor and we would receive a letter when we were 18 as a reminder and informing us of the nearest place we could give blood. if we handed the form in completed we got a free keyring. something similar with organ donations would be a good idea :) good luck xxxxx

emily, 19 December 2008 21:34

So proud to have you as one of Holly's Helpers! Thanks for all your support! Lots of Love, Holly x

Holly Shaw, 05 December 2008 17:18