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Josh McAuley

Claire's storyJosh McAuley

Teenage Suicide / blog / 12 comments

talking about this subject has to be the best way to combat it. it's only when something or someone can connect with how you feel, that you...

Katie, 07 May 2010 16:49

Well done you probs heard this before but i know want its like that place you go you see that 1 way out this culture of shhhh and it will go...

john allen-martin, 01 May 2010 20:57

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In London's West End, free newspapers make up a quarter of ALL waste collected.



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That's pretty. What is it?

It's a tag cloud. You put in things you want - things to make the world better, that is, not 'a sandwich' or something - and then they float about like meaningful clouds.

If you agree with one of the wants, click on it and it gets bigger. The more people agree, the bigger it gets. So it's basically the voice of the people in a special box, getting louder and louder.