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James Greenhalgh

Tomorrow starts todayJames Greenhalgh

Down with Tuition Fees / blog / 5 comments

i av respect 4 u but i think it'll be unlikely u'l get the goverment to ablolish university fess, but its preety cool on wat ur doin.

kal, 22 May 2009 12:18

I saw this a few weeks ago - and it really got me going - one of the reasons is that i feel sooo connected to it all: w know each others cam...

James Greenhalgh, 07 February 2009 18:27

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In London's West End, free newspapers make up a quarter of ALL waste collected.



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It's a tag cloud. You put in things you want - things to make the world better, that is, not 'a sandwich' or something - and then they float about like meaningful clouds.

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